Leo January 2015

Leo, January 2015 indicates motherhood, peace, new ventures, love, unity, pregnancy, along with marriage. For a women this card indicates a wedding or a pregnancy. For men, this month will highlight a brand new project and successful beginnings.

Leo February 2015

Leo, February 2015 you can be very attached to a challenge that you’ve started. Expect to make a new friend or business get in touch with this month. By being spontaneous and taking risks you can benefit very much in your job. For those of you who're very close to completing a new project, this month signifies in which completion. For court dealings, in a situation soon will end.

Leo March 2015

Leo, March 2015 will be among the finest months in 2015. This month you can deal will foreign affairs, lengthy travels, and successful ventures. On the whole, a great month filled with success and happiness. You will receive nice thing about it from a far away spot.

Leo April 2015

Leo, April 2015 is another great month for you personally. This month is about your current talents, ambitions, goals, career, along with determination. You are a very fierce and focused person in relation to your goals. This month is highlighting that aspect you have ever had. By pushing your limits you can achieve your most desired aspiration. This is the best month to push with simple inside to achieve a target.

Leo May 2015

Leo, May 2015 another great highlighted month for you personally. This month has a sturdy base of spirituality. Positive energies will surround your soul and may expand to your desires. You will receive a great gift this month that you're going to cherish dearly.

Leo June 2015

Leo, June 2015 you can be influenced by an older guy. This can be a father, grandfather, big brother, or an individual of greater power than a person. This person is a nobel along with born leader. He is extremely professional and wise. He provides you with the right answer to a new question that you’ve wanted understanding on. Remember that this particular person is good spirited, you dont want to try to betray him.

Leo July 2015

Leo Come july 1st 2015, you will come across another male figure in your life this month. This person is a superb scholar, with an amazing imaginative side to him. This might be someone you know, or this card can refer to yourself. This month you should make use of your smarts to advance with your path. Knowledge and intellect is usually key.

Leo August 2015

Leo, August 2015 best parts the wheel of fortune. Things may go towards you if you put your strength, determination, and time. If a person fall into bad habits, things is certain to get very bad for you. Here is the best time to get you up, because if you earn accomplishment this month know that will probably be big. The wheel of fortune might be unpredictable, but the route depends on your actions.

Leo September 2015

Leo, September 2015 you will have all the power in the earth to make your dreams become a! A wish will be fulfilled this month and you'll feel your soul elevate with satis cation and power. Economically, you will become very desk this month. The people all over you are somehow connected using your success. You will see that it must be a small world after almost all.

Leo October 2015

Leo, October 2015 will certainly be a time of healing for a person. This month you shouldn’t let past failures to overshadow your successes. If you do, it will lead you to a depressing and dark area. Much confusion will fill your current month. You may isolate yourself from society caused by your lack in confidence or perhaps some embarrassment. Understand that you will see from this experience and learn from your mistakes sometime soon.

Leo November 2015

Leo, November 2015 is about re-establishing some aspects you have ever had. This month you will always be renewing your energies and gaining much insight on earth around you. A smart decision which you will make will lead you back on your rightful path.

Leo December 2015

Leo, December 2015 is a superb month for you. This month your past and present can come together in a wonderful reunion. Happiness and great celebrations are predicted for you personally this month. You will feel very balanced and secure using your life and future to come.

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