Up until fairly present day times there were just at any point viewed as seven planetary bodies in the sky separated from the earth.


These were The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These seven bodies would all be able to be made out with the bare eye at the fitting time, more on Everything About Astrology: Zodiac Signs Junction, Tarot and Horoscopes


The number seven is therefore viewed as various fulfillment within the material world. Just as the seven planets we have:


The seven days of the week, The seven colors of the rainbow, The seven notes in music, The seven days of creation in the book of scriptures stories, The seven Seas, The seven Chakras, The lower seven Sefirot of the Kabbalah.


Infact our very own days of the week are named after every one of these seven planetary bodies. The French interpretation is given in sections where it's not clear in English.


Sunday - Sun, Monday - Moon, Tuesday - Mars (Mardi), Wednesday - Mercury (Mercredi), Thursday - Jupiter (Jeudi - originates from Jove or Jupiter), Friday - Venus (Vendredi), Saturday - Saturn


Saturn was constantly viewed as the edge of the close planetary system, it's rings speaking to a boundary that couldn't be passed. Anyway in 1781 Uranus was out of the blue found through a telescope , pursued later in 1846 by Neptune and in 1930 by Pluto. There are presently ten planetary bodies , just as the more as of late found planetoids, for example, Chiron acknowledged now by numerous individuals of the more current astrologers.


According to astrology every one of the planets isn't there by fortuitous event yet as a feature of some more noteworthy all inclusive order. In that capacity they each speak to a rule of the universe which is additionally to be found likewise within the traits of the individual person. A people quality, their capacity to cherish, to require and so forth.